“A creative writing class may be one of the last
places you can go where your life still matters”
- Richard Hugo

Writing, like any other skill, takes practice. In writing practice, you develop a clear voice and a writing muscle so strong you can sit down without fear and write anything—for your business, for a professional journal, for your children or grandchildren to read someday, or just for you. Writing practice is for both the beginning and experienced writer—for anyone who sees writing as an important part of their life.

   Writing practice helps us to integrate fragmented parts of ourselves, creating coherency of a chaotic, contradictory world. Writing practice accesses old memories, enabling us to build our own archive of characters and events that can inspire us for a lifetime of writing.

   Writing practice awakens us to the truth and uniqueness of our experiences. It disciplines, nurtures and energizes our soul while silencing the critic within. We begin to love ourselves deeply.